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Assistive technology supports meaningful accessibility and inclusion and provides students an equal opportunity to learn on their own terms. Assistive technology can empower students, provide greater independence, stimulate greater engagement and lead to improved learning outcomes and enhanced emotional and social development.

Thank you to our growing list of technology sponsors who have made our RISE-AT Studio a success.

Read the ongoing story of Asha here.


Thank you to our Assistive Technology sponsors! 

Thank you BeeLine Reader
Thank you Focus Calm
Thank you Texthelp
Thank you Harkla
Thank you Grammarly
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Stories of success

At LDS, we are driven by our mission to empower all children and youth with learning differences to recognize their unique strengths and develop the tools to achieve lifelong confidence and success. We believe that our approach to empowering our children is special because we work to deliver individualized services to each student based on their needs, and as a charity, we do that for every student we work with, regardless of the family's financial situation. 

This video will feature some of our families and what they have to say about the work we do at LDS.



Stories of resilience

If there’s been one constant in our work at LDS this year, it’s been to remain nimble and responsive to the needs of our students and families. In response to the COVID crisis have innovated through the development, adoption and integration of technology that ensures accessibility and continuity of high quality learning support for our families. 

This video and email story will feature our families' stories of resilience and success!


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What our students have to say

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LDS Student

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Our community of volunteers

We all know the adage, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’... at LDS we know it’s been extra challenging to bring that village together this year. That's why we are fostering a community of virtual volunteers to help enrich our students' experience with us, and also build their social skills. 

This video will feature our new programs with rich volunteer opportunities, RISE after School and PEERS for Teens.



We have the solution; you can be part of it

RISE to the Challenge has helped show to you, our community, why we exist as an organization.  Why is it so important that we work to empower ALL children and youth who have learning differences? The answer is because EACH child can and should feel like the superhero they are, and should not let their learning difference impede their success in life! We have proven solutions to help improve outcomes for every one of the children and youth we work with, and you're a big part of making sure those solutions are accessible to everyone!

The supports that LDS offers are critical for each individual child and for the health, safety and sustainability of their families and our communities.  Please join our team of supporters by making a contribution to RISE to the Challenge today!


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